Acoustical Products

Sound can be pesky. It bounces, distracts, and disrupts. Since 1984 our partners at Essi Acoustical Products have been creating custom solutions for sound management.
Got a sound problem? We’ve got a sound solution! We will work with you to learn the design details of your space to understand how sound maneuvers within it and how we can best manage it. After all, sound solutions are not universal. What works in one space might not work in another. This difference could come down to something as minuscule as the type of flooring in the space. That’s why we come up with custom plans to best conquer the challenges our customers face. So whether you want to deaden sound to eliminate its impact on nearby rooms, or better distribute sound in a theater setting, we’re here to help. The Essi Acoustical Products we distribute come custom made allowing for virtually endless customization and finishes.





Interactive Absorbers/Diffusers


Wall Panels

Ceiling Panels