Why Portable Partitions Are Increasing With Popularity
Friday, July 10, 2020 by DJ

We’ve recently seen an uptick in inquiries about portable partitions for facilities. This, almost without a doubt, is related to the current pandemic we are facing. However, if you add a portable partition, or even a standard portable partition to your space now, the benefits will long outlast the coronavirus pandemic. So let’s discuss some of the advantages facilities are seeing by adding them to their space. 

Creating Peace of Mind for Your Customers

Let’s cover this first as, again, it is a big reason for the uptick in inquiries. Right now it’s a constant process to ensure all government health guidelines for Covid-19, which seem to change by the week, are being followed. But, even when the proper guidelines are being followed, some customers need more to really feel safe to visit a particular facility. Portable Partitions are a great way to keep your guests in smaller groupings and put them more at ease. Many workout studios have recently implemented portable partitions to divide their guests into smaller groupings during group instruction. 

It’s also impossible to know for how long we as consumers will feel an uneasiness about venturing into certain public spaces. Having portable partitions in your repertoire could make the difference between someone visiting your business. 

Better Space Utilization

This is always the big advantage to implementing any type of partition system into your space. The added perk people are finding with portable partitions is there is no need to make a permanent choice on where to put their partition. Day to day operations are in constant flux and the way in which a space divider can be best implemented can change. This is especially true when we talk about certain sectors like workout/exercise facilities, libraries, and schools/daycare facilities. For a fitness studio class sizes often range, so where a divider wall could be best placed varies. One day it might be best directly in the middle of the space to separate groups involved in different classes. But, another day, one side may have more people and thus demand a larger amount of space. With the ability to laterally move dividers, owners can truly get the most out of their space. 

Library settings are much the same. With different community groups constantly using the space for varying needs, a partition with wheels that is easily transportable really elevates the experience for guests. 

For schools, a portable partition can always find a way to enhance the learning environment for teachers and students. A lot of schools have also added wipe boards onto their portable partitions so they can really get the most out of it. 


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