Moveable Walls - Let’s Talk Benefits
Friday, August 14, 2020 by DJ

Adding Moveable Wall Systems are advantageous to nearly every type of space. Although the benefits can differ depending on the facility, there are, nonetheless, benefits abound. Here are some of the top ones facilities can expect when they implement divider walls in their space(s): 


1 .  More Flexibility

Gymnasts train their entire lives to improve their flexibility, but when it comes to your space you can improve its flexibility in a snap. Well, maybe not a snap but certainly quick! 

Moveable wall systems make spaces more dynamic and capable of doing more without completely and permanently altering a space. Without a moveable wall system a space can typically only accommodate one group at a time. However, with a moveable wall system, that same space can be effectively split up and simultaneously host multiple groups. For this reason many banquet and event centers with divider systems have seen an immediate uptick in their sales. Not only because they are able to sell their space for more than one event at the same time but because they can appeal to smaller groups that are often deterred by spaces that are too big.  


2 .  Enhanced Functionality 

This means happier guests/workers. Whatever type of business you run, the happiness of the people who utilize the space is vital. Integrating a moveable partition means your space will always be operating at its peak. This can alleviate stress for employees and make for happier guests. Being able to accommodate guests to a higher degree won’t go unnoticed as guests love being accommodated.  


3 .  Seamless Integration 

Adding something new to a pre-existing space without throwing off the flow or having the addition completely stand out can be daunting. However, with endless coverings and specialized layout options specifically designed for each facility, divider wall systems fit in and look like they belong and have been there all along. The question then becomes: which came first, the facility or the moveable wall system? 


If you’ve liked the previous benefits you’re going to love hearing about the next one...


4 .  Acoustic Management!

No one enjoys distractions or interruptions. Not only do moveable wall systems eliminate visual distractions (with the exception of glass partitions), they also absorb sound to better create a private, quiet environment for people. Whether that quiet is needed for a meeting or a private party it’s good to know people won’t have complaints about outside noises. 

The sound management goes both ways though! Banquet facilities throwing weddings or other large parties want to manage the loud noises that come out of the banquet area so having a large sound absorber like an operable partition can work wonders. 

And lastly….


5 .  A Wall that Can Join the Electric Slide Portion of a Wedding.

Kidding! Unfortunately our walls don’t have those kinds of moves…...yet.


Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have about the benefits of integrating a moveable wall system. 


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