Gym Divider Curtains

In an effort to utilize the industries highest quality manufacturers, RHL Enterprises has partnered with IPI to furnish gym divider equipment to our discerning customers.

Divider curtains are designed to separate court areas, increase player safety, reduce multi-court visual and activity interference, buffer noise and help avoid having players of different ages play in the same space. This can be accomplished without negatively impacting sophisticated air handling, heating and cooling systems.

Choose from Fold Up, Roll Up or Top Roll designs that retract electrically to the ceiling when not in use or choose a manual Walk Draw design to allow shower curtain style manual opening and closing.

While fabric curtains can be fabricated in a wide variety of designs to suit your facility needs, a common design includes 8’ of solid color, 18 oz. flame retardant and polyester reinforced vinyl on the lower section to provide visual and noise separation and the balance of the height of curtain constructed of VCP woven vinyl encapsulated polyester fabric. The mesh has a minimum 50% open grid to allow proper air circulation. All IPI curtain fabric components are self-extinguishing and tested to UL-214 and NFPA-701. Fabric has additional features to provide excellent UV protection and resistance to mildew, mold and structural deterioration. Actual solid vinyl bottom and mesh top proportions can be customized to meet your facility’s needs and preferences.

All hems, seams, pockets, joints and other connection points have minimum 1” wide full contact electronic welds for extended heavy use. Solid fabric and mesh color options are shown here.

Electrically controlled curtains typically use 115 volt, 3/4 HP single phase reversible electric hoists but can be upgraded to 1 HP for larger curtains. Motorized curtain hoists feature built-in thermal overload protection, worm gear drive and speed reduction and an upper and lower curtain travel limit switch to make operation fail safe and dependable. Hoist can be controlled by a wide variety of device control option found here. All exposed steel components are galvanized or powder coated and all hardware is grade 5.




IP850 Fold Up Curtains

IP880 Roll Up Curtains

IP870 Top Roll Curtains

IP810 Walk Draw Curtains

IP860 Multi Sport Cages

Divider Curtain Solid Color and Mesh Color Options