Gym Divider Curtains


In order to bring the highest quality gym divider equipment to our customers we are partnered with IPI. 


Divider Curtains:

-Separate court areas

-Increase player safety

-Reduce multi-court visual and activity interference

-buffer noise


Gym Divider curtains have many fabrication options to choose from, all with a minimum of 50% open grid to allow for air circulation, and self-extinguishing fabric components. Additional options include: Fold Up, Roll Up, or Top Roll designs that retract electrically to the ceiling when not in use or manual Walk Draw design to allow shower curtain style manual opening and closing. You can read more about each individual option below. 




IP850 Fold Up Curtains

IP880 Roll Up Curtains

IP870 Top Roll Curtains

IP810 Walk Draw Curtains

IP860 Multi Sport Cages

Divider Curtain Solid Color and Mesh Color Options