Why M&I


When we talk about servicing your operable partition systems via annual maintenance and inspection, we like to highlight two key goals we have for your moveable walls:


  1. Extend the Life – Having your partitions serviced annually adds significantly to their operating life. That’s because, when moving big panels repeatedly, it’s essential they are properly aligned and gliding on a well maintained track. If not, the wear & tear of the system increases substantially. By having M&I of your moveable walls you are guaranteeing they are functioning as  they should and decreasing the chances of damage.


  1. Prevent Costly Repairs – Since our first goal is to extend the life of your moveable wall systems, oftentimes repairs are made before total replacement. Ideally, the less costly the repair, the better. But, when small problems are ignored for prolonged periods of time, the results are generally more costly repairs. Our service of operable partition systems tends to the small problems and prevents them from becoming bigger and subsequently more cost detrimental.


So, what exaclty is done during our M&I service that fulfills these goals?


Maintenance and Inspection is an every year essential for your operable partitions, so why not plan ahead? We offer three-year service contracts to save you 20%